Where Is Abarat?

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Yes, we are fans at AOE Studios o Clive Barker. And like much of the world, we are wondering when – if ever – the third book of the Abarat series is coming out.

2008 … nope, then fall of 2009 … nah, now wikipedia claims it’s winter (not now, December) of 2010.

What is Clive up to? A lot apparently, but we are fans of his work and hope to see more of the adventures of Candy Quackenbush, John Mischief and others sooner rather than later!


While we still are curious as to the fate of Candy and her friends in the cliffhanger from Book 3: Absolute Midnight, there has been very little news about when the next book in the series, Kry Rising, will ever be released. From looking at his official website you’ll find hardly any information on the state of the manuscript.

It may very well be that Barker’s grand epic work of art and prose might go incomplete like The Art and Galilee series.

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