Thoughts On Writing Fast For NEW Indie Authors – A Year Later

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So, after receiving the edit for the first Kana Cold story, it has dawned on me how long a process this was. While I’m currently in the middle of writing the 3rd full novel (4th story when you include the novella) in the series, the process of aligning schedules, beta reads, organizing other things in life have made this process take way longer than I anticipated.

It goes also to this speed discussion that I engaged in last year on Mark Dawson’s SPF Facebook community. I asked then why there was this obsession with speed for new authors (although, established authors took it as a slight against them incorrectly) when there is so much to organize before you can release a novel.

If you have a solid editor, they usually take two weeks to thoroughly go through your manuscript at minimum. Add in time for beta readers to review your book and provide feedback, and of course, actually writing the book.

It always fascinated me when I’d see new indie authors bragging about writing an 80,000 page novel in a month and proclaiming they were “done” and ready to publish. Others I saw lementing, and at times saying “I quit, I can’t do that”, because they couldn’t produce a book every one or two months, or within the “30 day window” for Amazon.

Having gone through the process in both ways — flying through the time between finishing a book and publishing as well as going through the lengthy process of a full edit, full beta read and review, full ARC read and review — 30 days for brand new authors is not easy to do. It’s possible, but if you’re just starting out, I wouldn’t suggest doing so.

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