The Road to Dorian Delmontez: Excerpt 1

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The lianas shifted though, this time not to present a new path, but to coalesce into something else. Stems and sticks solidified into legs and arms, moss collected to form a body and neck, and the flowers danced around one another, shedding petals and merging stems to create a head and all its features. It was a female entity that was manifesting, indeed the Lady of the Jungle was about to show herself.

“I am the jungle,” the lips moved, the words flowing on flecks of perfume and pollen. “The jungle is me. This is not a world for a man, but a paradise for women. And here you have brought two men and a young boy, a present for our feast I assume?”

This wasn’t going well from the start.

— excerpt from Dorian Delmontez’ 10th Birthday, a young adult novel, coming Winter 2013

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