The Book Editing Process

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Fortunately, for us at AOE Studios, we have a partnership with Bridle Path Press who provides editing services amongst other things.  For many aspiring authors and creators, this is a process that is sometimes overlooked and that is the biggest mistake you can make.

Yes, it costs some bucks to have your manuscript professionally edited.  And when I say bucks, I don’t mean $20.  We’re talking at least $250 for a book around 300 pages, much more the longer it is.   With the economy being what it is in the year 2010, $250 isn’t growing on trees for many people.

Does this mean skip the editing process and do it on your own?  To quote on of my favorite radio personalities, “How about no?!”

Editing your own work is one of the worst things you can do.  As writers, we can be “home blind” to our own bad habits, mistakes, and inconsistencies.  It’s easy to miss words you repeat too many times because it’s naturally how you write.  Or, you may be using improper punctuation.  You may also just flat out miss things you should see because you want to get the editing process done and move to pushing it out to the world.

Don’t do this.  Have an editor, someone who exhibits a great command of the written word, copy edit your book.  They will see things you don’t, and they will point out things you never thought of.

What if you don’t have hundreds to spend on editing?  Should you get a cheap editor?  Once again … “how about no?!”

The trick is to find someone with talent to edit your piece.  If you join a writing club or take a writing class, you’ll be sure to encounter someone who knows someone who is a skilled editor who can possibly give you a discount, do the work for installments, or if you’re really persuasive – do it for free because you’re such a swell person.

Bottom line is, do not skimp when it comes to editing.  When the process is done, you’ll understand more about your work and how to improve on your next manuscript.

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