The Best and Worst of Summer 2012 Films

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The Best

The Avengers – Since the late 2000’s we’ve been bombarded with superhero comic film after superhero comic film, including a ton of remakes and reboots (read: Spiderman, Batman, X-Men). The Avengers did something surprising, it made a superhero movie that wasn’t stale. Although the plot, concept and character interactions are very familiar, the manner in which it was put together was truly above average, making it probably the best big budget film of the summer.

The Dark Knight Rises – Christopher Nolan concludes his alternate Batman universe with a action filled, drama filled third chapter. Bruce Wayne is presented in a way which we’ve rarely seen, we get hints of what may be to come, and are treated to an loud, thrilling ride that takes the world of Nolan’s Gotham City to the brink of death, only to see an inspiring rise.

Men In Black III – This was surprisingly NOT horrible, which may account for why it’s on the best category. Honestly, most people would have thought this was going to be a pointless way to cash in on an old franchise, but it actually has a story worth telling, and it’s interesting how the cast has aged in the years since MIB II.

The Hunger Games – No where near as strong as the novel, but a good start to what’s going to be a juggernaut of a franchise. If you haven’t seen the Hunger Games yet, where the heck have you been?

Beast of the Southern Wild – A Sundance favorite that many of you haven’t heard of. Trust me, it well worth the time to watch this inspiring, imaginative and iconic tale of the bravest little girl this side of the Gulf Coast.

Honorable Mention – Brave, Ted, The Watch

The Worst

The Amazing Spiderman – Not only is it a bit early to reboot Spiderman (the Toby McGuire franchise ended less than six years ago), but this film is anything but “amazing”. It’s a retread of what was done before, and not a very good one. With an annoying Peter Parker and a loosely held together narrative, this one might be the Superman Returns for Spiderman fans.

Madea’s Witness Protection – Now, I’m a huge Tyler Perry fan, and have loved most of the Madea movies, but I do believe that we’ve officially jumped the shark with this character. This film does nothing new, and feels a bit stale and empty in the end. Before, the Madea films had something unspoken under the surface that touched the middle to lower-middle class. Now, it seems just to be done for cheap laughs. Tyler, you can do better.

Step Up Revolution – Um, why does this even exist? Talk about jumped the shark. This franchise only exists for people whose only concern in life is their outer appearance and what’s happening this week on pick-your-trashy-VH1-reality-show.

Snow White and The Huntsmen – A visually stunning film that lacks any coherent core of a story. The first disappointment of the summer. I dare say I’d rather watch a Twilight film over this … nah.

Dishonorable Mention – Prometheus, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Campaign

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