The Apollyon Game (A Horror Short Story by Clive Reznor)

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For his first short story under the AOE Studios banner, new author Clive Reznor presents a demented horror short story called The Apollyon Game.

Portia is a young girl who has been ridiculed and shunned her entire life because she was different. One night, she invites five of her “friends” over to play The Apollyon Game: a twisted card game of truth or dare where if you lose a hand the consequences are devilishly fatal.

This short story is available on Kindle but is also free to members of our mailing list. This is just a taste of Reznor’s work that will be shown in even greater (gory) glory this Fall with the release of The Immanent World Vol. 2 – Cluichi.

Get your FREE copy of The Apollyon Game by clicking here or visiting our main website.

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