The Anti-Originality Aspects of Self Publishing

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The self publishing industry is full of creative, talented, and hard-working individuals who want to tell stories and have those stories bought by the masses.

One aspect of the self publishing world though that has drawn criticism and much debate is on the lack of creativity or originality in much of what is produced. Indie authors are often told by gurus to write to a genre, design and format your books like someone else’s, stick to a format.

While that is absolutely helpful for selling books by churning out product (i.e. making widgets) it has also lead some outside the industry to look at self published authors as “hacks”. In addition, innovation is stifled by no one trying to push the boundaries, speaking with their own voice and ideas, or coming up with new and original ideas. All things which creators from George Lucas to JK Rowling to Clive Barker used to change the industry and create timeless entertainment.

We examine the anti-originality aspect of self publishing.

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