Top Ten FREE Horror eBooks for Winter 2017

Top 10 Horror EBooks Winter 2017

Need some fun and terrifying reading for the cold months of winter? Looking for a break from the holiday cheer to dive into something more naughty than nice?

Here are Top Ten FREE Horror eBooks you can read during the cold, snowy months of winter in 2017. Ranging from deteriorating zombies to night devils to post-apocalyptic horror, these creepy stories will chill your bones much more than the below freezing temperatures outside!

Rotten Bodies

Rotten Bodies by Steven Jenkins

Dead Days: Season One

Dead Days: Season One by Ryan Casey
The Priest of Blood

The Priest of Blood by Douglas Clegg
The Lost Orphans

The Lost Orphans by J.S. Donovan

Miss Polly Had A Dolly

Miss Polly had a Dolly by Willow Rose
The Black Parade

The Black Parade by Kyoko M
Empty Bodies by Zach Bohannon

Empty Bodies by Zach Bohannon
Suicide Forest

Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates

Tempt by Claire Farrell
The Dark Verse

The Dark Verse by M. Amanuensis Sharkchild

The Immanent World: Cluichi (A Horror Anthology Series)

The Immanent World: Cluichi A Horror Anthology Series

Six Twisted Tales of Terror

Available for: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited as well as paperback

The Immanent World: Cluichi  A Horror Anthology SeriesOmar Snellings had no idea that on this day — the final day of his life — that he’d be introduced to the ethereal forces of Heaven and Hell engaged in a series of card games, or cluichi, that used human souls as currency.

Clive Reznor‘s newest horror anthology book will test your limits. Told in six short stories ranging from gothic horror to social commentary to dark comedy, The Immanent World: Cluichi A Horror Anthology Series is a thrill ride through the darkest hidden corners of the human mind.

Clive Reznor’s newest horror anthology book will test your limits

For readers who enjoy:

  • The Books of Blood, Night Shift, Six Scary Stories, The New Weird
  • Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Dean Koontz, Stephen King
  • Short story collections / anthologies
  • Supernatural tales of angels and demons
  • dark comedy, societal horror, body horror
  • paranormal, graphic tales, books for adults

This book will be a great addition to your nighttime reading collection.

Excerpt from The Death of Omar Snellings

The Immanent World Vol. 2: Cluichi

The Immanent World Vol. 2: Cluichi will be available this coming Fall. Written by Clive Reznor and illustrated by KC Hunter, this horror anthology will feature eight terrifying stories from the supernatural to the grotesque.

Here is a sample from the initial “wrap-around” story “The Death of Omar Snellings”:

Omar stumbled again as he tried to find his car. Where had he parked it? The throbbing in his head was keeping him from focusing. Too many thoughts were racing through his head, back and forth from the room he had just left, to the fall, to the street, the houses, and the neighbors, but where was his car?
Another spasm in his skull forced him to double over, grabbing at the side of his head. He’d have to go to the hospital first. Something was wrong. He thought that the fall hadn’t harmed him but that was turning out not to be true.

“Mr. Omar!” he heard a young voice call out.

What did these kids want? He wasn’t working now.

“Mr. Omar!” the voice called again.

The pain was shooting on the other side of his head now.

“Mr. Omar! Mr. Omar!” now came several voices.

What in the world were they yelling at him for? He forced his hand from his temple, knowing as soon as he did the headache would intensify but he needed to know what was so damn urgent. Angrily, he lifted his chin up and stared in the direction of the voices. Before he could yell at them in response, the breath he was taking in order to do so was cut short.

The impact of the truck was sudden and violent. How Omar had not heard the horn or the screeching tires as the vehicle slid down the middle of Hanover Street, no one quite knew. Neither did Omar. The truck’s metal grill seemed to appear out of nowhere as he turned to see it, just in time before its pattern was embedded in his face.

A crowd quickly gathered around the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck was in utter shock, the amount of blood and tissue that splattered across the front of his vehicle made him sick.
“Didn’t you see him?” a voice cried out.

“Is that Omar?” another said.

“Yeah, that was Omar.”

“Someone call an ambulance!”

“What for? Someone get a shovel!”

The children, who had been content to play games at the end of the street before all of this had happened, were now consumed with using their smart phones as recording devices. Every single one of them was taking pictures, recording videos, and some even were streaming live on social media to show this tragedy to the world in real time.

“Stop that,” one of the older females of the neighborhood said as she tried to usher the younger children from the scene. “You don’t need to be seein’ this. Certainly the rest of the damn world don’t neither! Go on, get outta here!”

The adults in the neighborhood had just as little compassion as the children. Many of them were recording the event in the same way. The chatter continued in the crowd, people asking questions, throwing accusations, speculating on whether or not he heard the truck or whether the driver could have stopped. A few even vomited after the smell and sight of Omar Snellings’ remains overwhelmed them.

While many knew it was wrong on one level to be gawking at this scene; the gruesome dismemberment of a fellow neighbor, they also couldn’t help but indulge in their voyeurism. Who was to say they were wrong? They were all guilty of it, even the older woman who had told the children to leave was now was just as consumed by the scene as they had been. How many times do you get to see a mangled corpse?

Introducing: Clive Reznor

The latest edition to the AOE Studios family pulls from the veins of the macabre and the pulse of your nightmares.

Clive ReznorClive Reznor is a horror/supernatural/genre fiction author from the East Coast of the United States. His early life is much of a mystery but his fascination with the dark, the dangerous, the mysterious, and the grotesque has marked much of his life through his early writings.

With the series The Immanent World now given over to him, he plans to expand the series into even darker realms than were conceived by the gang of poets, illustrators, and authors who created the first volume.

I want people to feel dread. That is my main goal for writing this new series: to take people on a ride through the most twisted of nightmares through haunting imagery and outlandish characters.

Among his influences he lists the writings of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Anne Rice, and China Mieville among others. Not limited to the written word, he has also been inspired by the lyrics of musical masters such as John Lennon, Tool, and the band Nine Inch Nails.

His first entry into the twisted realm of his dark dreams will come this summer with the release of The Immanent World Vol 2: Cluichi.

We’re sure to hear much more from this dark mind as 2017 continues …