Excerpt from The Death of Omar Snellings

The Immanent World Vol. 2: Cluichi

The Immanent World Vol. 2: Cluichi will be available this coming Fall. Written by Clive Reznor and illustrated by KC Hunter, this horror anthology will feature eight terrifying stories from the supernatural to the grotesque.

Here is a sample from the initial “wrap-around” story “The Death of Omar Snellings”:

Omar stumbled again as he tried to find his car. Where had he parked it? The throbbing in his head was keeping him from focusing. Too many thoughts were racing through his head, back and forth from the room he had just left, to the fall, to the street, the houses, and the neighbors, but where was his car?
Another spasm in his skull forced him to double over, grabbing at the side of his head. He’d have to go to the hospital first. Something was wrong. He thought that the fall hadn’t harmed him but that was turning out not to be true.

“Mr. Omar!” he heard a young voice call out.

What did these kids want? He wasn’t working now.

“Mr. Omar!” the voice called again.

The pain was shooting on the other side of his head now.

“Mr. Omar! Mr. Omar!” now came several voices.

What in the world were they yelling at him for? He forced his hand from his temple, knowing as soon as he did the headache would intensify but he needed to know what was so damn urgent. Angrily, he lifted his chin up and stared in the direction of the voices. Before he could yell at them in response, the breath he was taking in order to do so was cut short.

The impact of the truck was sudden and violent. How Omar had not heard the horn or the screeching tires as the vehicle slid down the middle of Hanover Street, no one quite knew. Neither did Omar. The truck’s metal grill seemed to appear out of nowhere as he turned to see it, just in time before its pattern was embedded in his face.

A crowd quickly gathered around the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck was in utter shock, the amount of blood and tissue that splattered across the front of his vehicle made him sick.
“Didn’t you see him?” a voice cried out.

“Is that Omar?” another said.

“Yeah, that was Omar.”

“Someone call an ambulance!”

“What for? Someone get a shovel!”

The children, who had been content to play games at the end of the street before all of this had happened, were now consumed with using their smart phones as recording devices. Every single one of them was taking pictures, recording videos, and some even were streaming live on social media to show this tragedy to the world in real time.

“Stop that,” one of the older females of the neighborhood said as she tried to usher the younger children from the scene. “You don’t need to be seein’ this. Certainly the rest of the damn world don’t neither! Go on, get outta here!”

The adults in the neighborhood had just as little compassion as the children. Many of them were recording the event in the same way. The chatter continued in the crowd, people asking questions, throwing accusations, speculating on whether or not he heard the truck or whether the driver could have stopped. A few even vomited after the smell and sight of Omar Snellings’ remains overwhelmed them.

While many knew it was wrong on one level to be gawking at this scene; the gruesome dismemberment of a fellow neighbor, they also couldn’t help but indulge in their voyeurism. Who was to say they were wrong? They were all guilty of it, even the older woman who had told the children to leave was now was just as consumed by the scene as they had been. How many times do you get to see a mangled corpse?

First draft of the Dea map from Dorian Delmontez’ 10th Birthday

AOE Studios is set in 2014 to start the journey into the world of Dorian Delmontez.

One of the features of this new series of young adult fantasy books is a series of oil paintings. Of all the paintings, a giant two-panel creation has been made of the map of The Dea.

The Dea is the fantasy world which Dorian travels to in all the books, and here is a visual representation of the many towns, cities, islands, and other environments in the Dea.


A few minutes before Losian Bearn’s Haloball team was set to take the field for their match, Dorian was sitting alone in the locker room with his head between his hands, wondering how in the world he got himself into this. Alicia had urged him to eat something that morning, but he wasn’t interested in food, encouragement, or prayers for his safety.
His father, Jamal, for some strange reason, came to his mind. Back home, Jamal was extremely hard on Dorian for not being as athletic as he would like. It wasn’t that Dorian had a disliking for sports. Quite the contrary, he loved to watch games and wished to play, but he was the shortest kid in his class. This usually meant when picked for teams, whether it was dodge ball, baseball, kickball, or any number of other team sports, he was picked dead last. Jamal didn’t do much to help matters by often mocking Dorian. Perhaps in Jamal’s mind that was a way to encourage his undersized son.
The fact that his father could still make him feel inadequate made Dorian mad. The butterflies of performing in a rough game, with teammates he didn’t trust, in the middle of a stadium packed with people, all took a backseat to this chance to overcome the ridicule he got at home.
No matter what, he said to himself, I’m going to do something good out there. I have to.
Above his head he could hear the stomping of feet and the thirsty chants of the spectators. The sound vibrated over Dorian like a shaking wave of noise that rattled his skin. He finally took his head from between his palms and looked down the hallway where the rest of the Losian Bearn team had already gathered.
“Come on, boy!” Gaffla called to him in an irritated tone. “We gotta go now! Now!”
“I’m coming,” Dorian answered.
He stood up fast, forgetting that he hadn’t tied his shoes, and abruptly stumbled over his untied laces. The team laughed at him as he pulled himself to his feet and brushed off his uniform.
“Stupid Dorian!” Gaffla scoffed as he motioned the rest of the team out into the stadium.
This couldn’t have started any worse. Despite these setbacks, Dorian laced his shoes tight, took in a deep breath, and then jogged after his teammates into the stadium beyond.

AOE Studios writer K.C. Hunter Contributes to The Tree Of Life Project

The Tree Of Life project is a collaborative experiment headed up by Samantha Redstreake Geary in association with Audiomachine.

Over twenty-five days, different authors contribute to the story–picking up where the last author left off and ultimately creating a unique narrative. This is a concept that has been done before but what sets The Tree Of Life from other literary collaboration stories is that each story is set to a different soundtrack provided by Audiomachine.

The music is sweeping, epic and theatrical. While reading the imaginative stories constructed by each author, you are also treated to a specific score to each section of the story.

The project has been met with great interests by the public and has been picked up in the media.

AOE Studios storyteller KC Hunter contributed to the project, providing an eerie twist to the story by introducing three dark characters to the tale, all three chanting a demented lullaby as they approach the story’s protagonist, Zoe.

For more information:
KC Hunter’s contribution “The New World”
Samantha Redstreake Geary’s Website
Featured Article on the Tree Of Life Project

The Tree Of Life Video Tribute

The Immanent World Concept

We’ve seen a billion or so anthologies over the years. We’ve also seen a few fantastic collections of short stories and poetry. Of course, being myself, I wanted to up the ante on the anthology concept by taking it a step further, especially with the new electronic media we have.

Some of my all time favorites are The New Weird, Zombie Stories of the New Age, and Books of Blood.

The New Weird
Time for an even NEW weird

So, The Immanent World (please look up the definition of immanent as opposed to imminent) is an anthology we hope to have out later this year. It’s a combination of various writers, photographers, poets and illustrators who all contribute to the project. The theme of this book is “weird and dark” – essentially horror fiction, odd photographs, strange illustrations and creepy poetry.

The book will also work as a promotional piece for all those involved, and as such, we want to emphasize the creators of these works as well. Each creator will have a section of the book that starts with a profile of them complete with social media links, a short ‘get to know you’ part and some photos. For the eBook, I’m looking to fully utilize html5’s video capabilities for more in-depth commentary by the authors on their work.

Projected date for the release of The Immanent World is February 2012 (paperback and eBook).

More to come …

Paris: The Dark Epic Now Available

The first in “The Dark Epic” series has been released.  Paris – The Dark Epic is now available in paperback, eBook and Kindle formats.


On AOE Studios.com (paperback)
On Amazon.com (paperback)

On Kindle

eBook – complete novel
eBook Parts (Nine in total) for $1.50 each.


Split between this world and the next, three souls weave their way through a tale of natural corruption and supernatural adventure: Paris Drezner, an aristocrat who was slain in his youth and has returned as an Unborn; Michael Scottsdale, the second son of the famed Scottsdale clan who have sat as titans on a mountain of money and power; and his wife, Traci Scottsdale, a woman plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight as the wife of one of America’s most sought after bachelors.

For them, the world is not as it seems. Revelations of the past force Michael Scottsdale to confront his family’s own secrets, and also challenge him as to his own nature. Traci, in a desperate attempt to help her husband, delves into a world which she could never have imagined. It is the world of Paris, and his world is anything but normal.

The wars between the Daridum Brotherhood and the Unborn have spanned many decades, neither side gaining a clear advantage and both hiding in the shadows of normal men. The time has come for this conflict to come to a head, and Traci finds herself in the middle of an ancient and bloody war that changes her life, while Paris fights with his destiny to be part of his new world, or watch it burn to the ground.

From the humid, fast paced streets of Miami’s South Beach, to the soaring heights at the top of Norrumpatholah … from the boardrooms of America’s top industries to the bohemian back alleys of Baltimore, Paris takes the reader on a journey through two intertwined worlds of the human and the supernatural. At the end, each character will stand at the precipice of disaster or desire, and their choice will bring earth shattering consequences to the whole of mankind.