SuperBowl Thoughts

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I’m a big fan of football, have been since 2001, and this year’s SuperBowl was pretty cool. Reports are it’s the most watched tv show ever, which is funny since last year’s SuperBowl finally dethroned MASH’s series finale as the most watched television show of all time.

So here are a few things …

The Black Eyed Peas – not a huge fan of theirs, but their music is catchy.  I did like seeing Slash and Usher do their cameos. However, I wasn’t too impressed with their live performance vocally. The set up and stage spectacle was amazing, but seemed to just be a way of distracting from the fact that these guys can’t really perform live musically.  I am tired of hearing a bunch of old white men complain about it on the radio and tv. I mean, Sean Hannity wanted Lynard Skynard up there – really?!

Bill O’Reilly interviews Barack Obama O’Reilly is not as bad as many people who are more liberal leaning portray him as. I’ve watched his show for years and only on a few occasions has he ever gone off the rails. Usually, he’s pretty fair but tough. And that’s what I can say about that interview, fair but tough. Obama actually won me back a bit with how he answered questions and talked about his plans for the country. I do have to dispute his claim that he doesn’t want to redistribute wealth – uh, remember Joe The Plumber?  Regardless, it was fun to see these two political icons have an interview. It’s a shame though that other people in the news media had to compare it to a fight or something, which it wasn’t.

Commercials – I didn’t see too many of them. I was busy writing during them, but I did see the Darth Vader one which made me laugh. The kitchen renovation commercial was excellent too.

The Actual Game – I’m a Ravens fan, so seeing the Steelers lose is always a plus! 🙂  Green Bay was one of my alternate teams if the Ravens didn’t get to the big game, so it was cool to see the emergence of a new superstar in Aaron Rodgers, and to a lesser extend, Clay Mathews. The guy is a throw back, for sure.

The game was a bit boring during the middle, but when it looked like Pittsburgh was going to do it again – make the big comeback, something us Ravens fans have seen way too many times – it got good. Seeing Rodgers come back and finally the Green Bay defense snatch any hopes of a comeback out of Big Ben’s hands made my night. Add another new QB to the status of “elite” with Peyton, Ben, Brady and Brees.

Now, to deal with the first Sunday without football. It’s always a weird change after five months of gridiron action, but it will give me more time to write and expand the company. Until later kids …

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