New Artwork for The Brothers Locke

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Bulk Brown

Solas is a team of mercenaries for hire who do odd jobs around The Dea. The team consists of Dana Strand, Bulk Brown and Bando as the muscle with backup from two teenage tech wizards Kale and Jocelyn.

Today we release two new character cards for Bulk Brown and Bando. Bulk is the leader of Solas, a mercenary his entire life who takes this latest job for his team but fails to realize how much it will take him from a gun-for-hire to an actual leader.

Bando, a long-time associate, is a giant of a man standing nearly seven feet tall. His muscular frame allows him to use heavier weapons. While not the smartest of the team, Bando is capable of much more than just being a blunt instrument although no one around him expects anything else from him.

These two character cards are part of a series. More will be released over the next few weeks as we lead up to the release of the eight episode eBook series for Young Adults – The Brothers Locke – on January 1, 2017.

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