Introducing: Clive Reznor

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The latest edition to the AOE Studios family pulls from the veins of the macabre and the pulse of your nightmares.

Clive ReznorClive Reznor is a horror/supernatural/genre fiction author from the East Coast of the United States. His early life is much of a mystery but his fascination with the dark, the dangerous, the mysterious, and the grotesque has marked much of his life through his early writings.

With the series The Immanent World now given over to him, he plans to expand the series into even darker realms than were conceived by the gang of poets, illustrators, and authors who created the first volume.

I want people to feel dread. That is my main goal for writing this new series: to take people on a ride through the most twisted of nightmares through haunting imagery and outlandish characters.

Among his influences he lists the writings of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Anne Rice, and China Mieville among others. Not limited to the written word, he has also been inspired by the lyrics of musical masters such as John Lennon, Tool, and the band Nine Inch Nails.

His first entry into the twisted realm of his dark dreams will come this summer with the release of The Immanent World Vol 2: Cluichi.

We’re sure to hear much more from this dark mind as 2017 continues …

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