How To Begin a Story

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As a writer, it’s often hard to just get started. We usually have so many things in our heads that we want to get down on paper (or these days, the computer) and it’s tough to know where to start.

Sure, we know the story we want to tell, the plot twists we want to insert, the feeling we want our audience to get, the characters who will populate the world, but when that blank screen is staring at you and you’ve only written the title and perhaps “Chapter 1”, the next part is sometimes the toughest.

For anyone who is having a hard time actually writing those first few paragraphs, my biggest suggestion is just to start writing. Keep in mind, this is a first draft. It’s not concrete, it’s not written in stone, it’s you getting the process going.

For instance, if you have a main character, just simply start talking about them. If it’s a story about a couple, describe a scene that illustrates their relationship. Basically, pick something interesting about your story and start there. Just write it out. Don’t worry about sentence structure or punctuation or anything else, just write.

After a while, you’ll get into the rhythm of the story and it’ll start to flow naturally. As you’re writing, you’re going to be thinking about where the story naturally is going to go, instead of following bullet points on what you want to tell and in what order.

Starting to write a story can be the most challenging part of the book. Perhaps not as challenging as the ending and the numerous rewrites you’ll make there, but that’s another blog post!


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