Harry Potter Mania

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So, it’s finally here. The wonderful final chapter (in two parts) of the theatrical version of Harry Potter.

And so also ends the era of fantastic franchises/series during the 2000s.

From Lord of the Ring to Star Wars to Spiderman to X-Men to The Matrix to Saw to Kill Bill to Harry Potter to Twilight – we’ve been blessed as movie goers with thought-out, continuous epic stories. The age of sequels which broke continuity, changed characters or the universe for that matter in a way that betrayed fans and the artistic expression alike were gone.

Unfortunately, we seem to be entering further into the remix era. I actually saw that there’s another Scream film in the works (the movie franchise that single-handed ruined the horror genre for a decade).  We can only look for some more franchises coming in the future that are well told.

Not all of these were great. The Matrix trilogy was a bit of a let down and let’s not even get into the Star Wars prequels, but the good thing is they weren’t rehashed sequels. They weren’t the crap of 80s and 90s sequels where you might as well have had a Hollywood exec on the screen saying “you’re dumb enough to buy this crap, so we’re just going to repackage the last movie and take the heart out of it while screwing up the characters”.

So, sometime over the next few days I will hit up the local theater and check out the first part of the Deathly Hallows. The real end actually comes this summer when both Twilight and Harry Potter will be singing their swan songs (get ready for a nutty busy summer at the box office with those two franchises closing out).

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