Gems In Cyberspace: Vash12349

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Video games are entertaining on their own. Watching people play video games isn’t usually so entertaining.

Enter Vash12349.

For years now, Vash has been playing video games and recording his experiences, giving his own commentary as he does. The result is a surprisingly entertaining series of playlists of popular, and some unknown, video games where he adds his commentary to what’s going on.

There are many now who do this, and Vash wasn’t the first, but he’s perhaps the funniest. He cracks on himself, he cracks on his viewers, he cracks on gameplay, he cracks on storylines. The kid has an uncanny knack for comedic timing that would suggest he’d probably be a superstar comedian if he wanted to.

Vash usually selects a game he chooses to play and over a few weeks will upload numerous videos of him going through a game from start to finish. You can’t really call these “walkthroughs” as Vash doesn’t seem to be too concerned with getting every secret item or solving every in-game puzzle, but he does love to show you humorous glitches and unusual ways to play games.

Some of the things you need to know about Vash:

  • Vash loves juice
  • His cousin, I think, broke his foot
  • He’s mixed
  • Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil are among his favorite franchises
  • He loves “teabagging” in-game
  • “Bootleg” is a cherished term
  • Often, he screams when getting “gay’ed up” (losing) in a game

Not meant for small children, Vash’s videos are filled with profanity. For those over sixteen, this is fine material for laughing while seeing your favorite video games played in a way you’d never suspect.

If you choose to subscribe to Vash’s playlists, please be respectful of him. He does not hesitate to boot people who are rude to him or to other viewers. He’s also fairly secretive, not wanting to give out a lot of information about himself (have yet to ever see a photo of the guy).

So, if you’re into video games, like comedy, have enough pop culture savvy to get all the references, definitely check out his YouTube channel or watch some of the samples below.


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