Gems In Cyberspace: Jeremy Jahns

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Jeremy Jahns, YouTube movie reviewer


It’s not really a word, let’s be honest, but if you’ve ever heard it, then you’ve probably heard of Jeremy Jahns: a YouTube movie reviewer who has quite the following.

Now there are several movie reviewers on YouTube and most, to be honest, are crap. They tend to have some uber-geek on camera who can barely speak and form a coherent sentence. With Jahns, you don’t get that. You get straight up informative movie reviews mixed with his own “everyman” sense of humor, a passion for films and games, and a personality that makes you go “hey, I’d like to watch a movie with this guy”.

There are a few different types of reviews that Jeremy Jahns has on his YouTube channel which include social commentary, game reviews and so on, but the movie reviews are the bread and butter here. He typically starts the show with a summary of what he’s going to say, a nifty little intro video with music (which you will forever now identify with his YouTube show, branding!) and then his quick-cut style of movie reviews.

The quick-cut style has been used many times by many reviewers on YouTube, and it also started a bit of a backlash from “real” movie reviewers who take issue with the trend, but even they praise Jahns on his knowledge of film and the quality of his delivery.

You’ll find yourself cracking up when you find him doing imitations of characters (his version of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises had me cracking up), giving a nod to his fan-boy references and generally taking his opinions as valid on whether or not a film is worth seeing.

His rating system is not quite well defined but makes total sense. “Complete dogshit” I think it the lowest an average movie can go, unless it’s really bad then he’ll make up an even worse category. On the other side is “Buy it on BluRay” or the ultimate “Awesometacular”.

You also have to admit this guy knows how to brand himself. He has his own catch phrases, encourages comments on his videos, and wraps up all his movie reviews with his “camera punch”, which is now famous. This is how you should do a YouTube channel. It is one of the shows online that give YouTube legitimacy as being a place for more than just crazy cat videos and illegally copied music videos.

We do have to say that Jeremy Jahns is: Awesometacular.

5 stars

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