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Creation Isn’t Easy

The process of taking a dream from out of your head and making it something real is a dream for many. The whole idea that what is in your head can become something other people can touch, can feel, can experience, is sometimes beyond comprehension.

We are the people who believe otherwise.

The skills needed to create in today’s world haven’t changed since man sat around a fire and told stories to his friends. It has, however, become much easier to do. Through traditional avenues like video and literature and even more modern techniques like eBooks, gaming and web experiences, AOE Studios is looking and actively thinking up new and creative ways to do one simple thing: tell a story.

Technology Is Our Friend

The publishing industry has typically been a generation or two behind in embracing new tech. By it’s very nature, it is conservative and holds tightly to the experience of opening a physical book and simply having words on paper.

We love that experience. We cherish that experience. But we also realize that times and culture changes, and as they do, we need to evolve with them.

With an eye on the future and a finger on the pulse of the latest tech, AOE Studios is hoping to merge what has been used in other industries like gaming, mobile devices, app development and more and integrating them with storytelling to go beyond eBooks.

We want to make experiences that combine different technologies and use them in new and interesting ways, all to serve one purpose: to tell a story.

The Beginning Is Dark, The Road Is Light

Right now, we are at the cusp of bringing new ideas and new techniques to the Art of Storytelling. At the core, AOE Studios is about telling great stories, and we believe that there are many different ways of accomplishing this.

Our minds are hard at work on finding the new and the nuanced, the endearing and the enduring, the passionate and the powerful.

We look forward to the journey we have mapped out over the next few years and encourage you to come along with us.


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