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Just Because It’s Different Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

Even though we pride ourselves in looking for odd, strange stories we also know that quality is better than being weird for the sake of being weird.

There are many odd things out there that just aren’t well told. It is often easy to confuse something as being profound when in fact it’s really just profane.

Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

A mistake we often see in creative storytelling is the desire to appeal to the most people possible. The saying goes:

When you’re all things to all people, you become nothing to everyone

One of the worst things to happen to many beloved stories is changing it to appeal to everyone. This waters down the product—cheapens the thrill—dumbs down the narrative.

While things should be simple if they can be, sucking the heart out of something so it can be consumed by people who don’t really have a passion for it defeats the purpose.

We’d rather have 2000 passionate fans who will continue to support the work for years than catch an extra buck or two from someone who will experience it and discard it.

New Talent

There are so many talented storytellers, authors, poets, designers, painters, developers out there and we want to be in a position to give them a voice. They have a desire to be heard above everything else. They have a passion to create and that is a passion we want to explore.


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