The Immanent World: Cluichi (A Horror Anthology Series)

The Immanent World: Cluichi A Horror Anthology Series

Six Twisted Tales of Terror

Available for: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited as well as paperback

The Immanent World: Cluichi  A Horror Anthology SeriesOmar Snellings had no idea that on this day — the final day of his life — that he’d be introduced to the ethereal forces of Heaven and Hell engaged in a series of card games, or cluichi, that used human souls as currency.

Clive Reznor‘s newest horror anthology book will test your limits. Told in six short stories ranging from gothic horror to social commentary to dark comedy, The Immanent World: Cluichi A Horror Anthology Series is a thrill ride through the darkest hidden corners of the human mind.

Clive Reznor’s newest horror anthology book will test your limits

For readers who enjoy:

  • The Books of Blood, Night Shift, Six Scary Stories, The New Weird
  • Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Dean Koontz, Stephen King
  • Short story collections / anthologies
  • Supernatural tales of angels and demons
  • dark comedy, societal horror, body horror
  • paranormal, graphic tales, books for adults

This book will be a great addition to your nighttime reading collection.

The Apollyon Game (A Horror Short Story by Clive Reznor)

For his first short story under the AOE Studios banner, new author Clive Reznor presents a demented horror short story called The Apollyon Game.

Portia is a young girl who has been ridiculed and shunned her entire life because she was different. One night, she invites five of her “friends” over to play The Apollyon Game: a twisted card game of truth or dare where if you lose a hand the consequences are devilishly fatal.

This short story is available on Kindle but is also free to members of our mailing list. This is just a taste of Reznor’s work that will be shown in even greater (gory) glory this Fall with the release of The Immanent World Vol. 2 – Cluichi.

Get your FREE copy of The Apollyon Game by clicking here or visiting our main website.

Introducing: Clive Reznor

The latest edition to the AOE Studios family pulls from the veins of the macabre and the pulse of your nightmares.

Clive ReznorClive Reznor is a horror/supernatural/genre fiction author from the East Coast of the United States. His early life is much of a mystery but his fascination with the dark, the dangerous, the mysterious, and the grotesque has marked much of his life through his early writings.

With the series The Immanent World now given over to him, he plans to expand the series into even darker realms than were conceived by the gang of poets, illustrators, and authors who created the first volume.

I want people to feel dread. That is my main goal for writing this new series: to take people on a ride through the most twisted of nightmares through haunting imagery and outlandish characters.

Among his influences he lists the writings of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Anne Rice, and China Mieville among others. Not limited to the written word, he has also been inspired by the lyrics of musical masters such as John Lennon, Tool, and the band Nine Inch Nails.

His first entry into the twisted realm of his dark dreams will come this summer with the release of The Immanent World Vol 2: Cluichi.

We’re sure to hear much more from this dark mind as 2017 continues …

First draft of the Dea map from Dorian Delmontez’ 10th Birthday

AOE Studios is set in 2014 to start the journey into the world of Dorian Delmontez.

One of the features of this new series of young adult fantasy books is a series of oil paintings. Of all the paintings, a giant two-panel creation has been made of the map of The Dea.

The Dea is the fantasy world which Dorian travels to in all the books, and here is a visual representation of the many towns, cities, islands, and other environments in the Dea.

Writing comedy in your novels

I tend to write in specific genres: fantasy, dark fantasy, horror and young adult. One of the hardest things to do when writing in those pillars of literature is being able to inject some humor into your work.

Some of the best novels I’ve ever read are the ones that inject humor in the middle of heavy drama or between scares. A good punch line or a well-timed bit of irony, either in dialogue or description, can add good pacing to your writing.

But comedy is tough in general, not to mention in the written word. Much of it has to do with timing, just like it does in film and television. It takes a bit of work to cleverly craft your prose to lead up to a good one-liner or to accurately describe a funny situation when the crux of the story is centered around a more serious tone. The wrong wording, the wrong placement, the wrong usage can make a joke fall flat and become disruptive to the reader.

The last thing you want someone saying when they read your work is “where did that come from?” in a negative way.

As with anything, the best advice is to practice. What is funny in your head might not translate to paper, but just because it doesn’t immediately read back as funny doesn’t mean you should scrap the joke. Rework it, switch things around, play with what comes before and after the punchline and see what does work.

Your best help does come from friends and family. Never be afraid to show them your work. They know it’s in progress and they’ll often give you good suggestions. They can also be good sources for funny material as well. Take notes, observe, remember and apply.

Comedy is a big part of any genre if you use it correctly. Don’t be afraid to use it. Even in the most serious or most dramatic works of fiction, humor has a role – often an important role – in fiction.

Tree of Life: Chimera_Turning Point — Featuring Author KC Hunter

Samantha Geary has a new project called Chimera – a collaborative journey in epic writing, where I will interpret the cinematic scores of audiomachine’s Tree of Life album to create an original, music-driven tale. Previous chapters are listed HERE.

Readers who leave their feedback in the comments section below, will be entered to win an ebook of The Immanent World from our featured author, KC Hunter! The commenting window for each post will remain open until October 30th!

For more information on this project, please check out the Tree of Life blog online.

Writing Action Scenes

How to write an action sequenceIn a movie, action is one of the biggest selling points to most blockbuster films. Trailers are the biggest indicator of that. They are filled with the big cgi/explosion heavy set pieces that cost millions of dollars and, between them, there are hints at an actual story.

When we watch a film, the big action sequences are what we often remember. Visually, we can experience a variety of emotions from sadness to excitement to fear within a few seconds.

This isn’t the same on the page (or tablet). In literature, action has traditionally been implied and the experience – until a few years ago – did not have the quick pace and range of emotions that popular culture is used to.

The trend has shifted somewhat in recent times. Writers are increasingly being able to create thrilling, exciting prose that compels the reader to flip through pages, absorbing the descriptions of catastrophic falling cities, space ships engaged in battle, a chase through a forest or a duel between the hero and the villain.

It is a unique art of the modern author to be able to create action in literature. Unlike film, you aren’t just concerned with how it looks. Mixed in between describing what is happening, writers are also painting a picture of the mindset of the characters.

A woman being stalked in a dark alley is enhanced by describing the little details she notices in the wall, shadows that startle her, the smell of sewage, the chill of the night air. All of these things draw the reader in, and if done well, allow them to actually feel what the character is feeling by touching on sensory cues we are all familiar with.

Just as much as this is part of describing a climb up a mountain, it can be used to describe a battle between two fighters.

Modern horror writers are uniquely aware of setting tension of a climactic sequence in the final chapter of a story. Just as much as authors in prior eras could creep out a reader with atmosphere and mood, they can scare them with visceral descriptions of terror.

While action in literature may not be as instantly gratifying as other forms of media, it has the ability to create even more of an impact. As literature continues to evolve, readers can expect to be treated to even more thrilling prose.

Gems In Cyberspace: Jeremy Jahns

Jeremy Jahns, YouTube movie reviewer


It’s not really a word, let’s be honest, but if you’ve ever heard it, then you’ve probably heard of Jeremy Jahns: a YouTube movie reviewer who has quite the following.

Now there are several movie reviewers on YouTube and most, to be honest, are crap. They tend to have some uber-geek on camera who can barely speak and form a coherent sentence. With Jahns, you don’t get that. You get straight up informative movie reviews mixed with his own “everyman” sense of humor, a passion for films and games, and a personality that makes you go “hey, I’d like to watch a movie with this guy”.

There are a few different types of reviews that Jeremy Jahns has on his YouTube channel which include social commentary, game reviews and so on, but the movie reviews are the bread and butter here. He typically starts the show with a summary of what he’s going to say, a nifty little intro video with music (which you will forever now identify with his YouTube show, branding!) and then his quick-cut style of movie reviews.

The quick-cut style has been used many times by many reviewers on YouTube, and it also started a bit of a backlash from “real” movie reviewers who take issue with the trend, but even they praise Jahns on his knowledge of film and the quality of his delivery.

You’ll find yourself cracking up when you find him doing imitations of characters (his version of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises had me cracking up), giving a nod to his fan-boy references and generally taking his opinions as valid on whether or not a film is worth seeing.

His rating system is not quite well defined but makes total sense. “Complete dogshit” I think it the lowest an average movie can go, unless it’s really bad then he’ll make up an even worse category. On the other side is “Buy it on BluRay” or the ultimate “Awesometacular”.

You also have to admit this guy knows how to brand himself. He has his own catch phrases, encourages comments on his videos, and wraps up all his movie reviews with his “camera punch”, which is now famous. This is how you should do a YouTube channel. It is one of the shows online that give YouTube legitimacy as being a place for more than just crazy cat videos and illegally copied music videos.

We do have to say that Jeremy Jahns is: Awesometacular.

5 stars


A few minutes before Losian Bearn’s Haloball team was set to take the field for their match, Dorian was sitting alone in the locker room with his head between his hands, wondering how in the world he got himself into this. Alicia had urged him to eat something that morning, but he wasn’t interested in food, encouragement, or prayers for his safety.
His father, Jamal, for some strange reason, came to his mind. Back home, Jamal was extremely hard on Dorian for not being as athletic as he would like. It wasn’t that Dorian had a disliking for sports. Quite the contrary, he loved to watch games and wished to play, but he was the shortest kid in his class. This usually meant when picked for teams, whether it was dodge ball, baseball, kickball, or any number of other team sports, he was picked dead last. Jamal didn’t do much to help matters by often mocking Dorian. Perhaps in Jamal’s mind that was a way to encourage his undersized son.
The fact that his father could still make him feel inadequate made Dorian mad. The butterflies of performing in a rough game, with teammates he didn’t trust, in the middle of a stadium packed with people, all took a backseat to this chance to overcome the ridicule he got at home.
No matter what, he said to himself, I’m going to do something good out there. I have to.
Above his head he could hear the stomping of feet and the thirsty chants of the spectators. The sound vibrated over Dorian like a shaking wave of noise that rattled his skin. He finally took his head from between his palms and looked down the hallway where the rest of the Losian Bearn team had already gathered.
“Come on, boy!” Gaffla called to him in an irritated tone. “We gotta go now! Now!”
“I’m coming,” Dorian answered.
He stood up fast, forgetting that he hadn’t tied his shoes, and abruptly stumbled over his untied laces. The team laughed at him as he pulled himself to his feet and brushed off his uniform.
“Stupid Dorian!” Gaffla scoffed as he motioned the rest of the team out into the stadium.
This couldn’t have started any worse. Despite these setbacks, Dorian laced his shoes tight, took in a deep breath, and then jogged after his teammates into the stadium beyond.